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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Donna-Maria Cullen releases fanbase market details

Asia is an important market for Tottenham and having Son Heung-min in our ranks only helps our profile there which in turn lads to more people following the club. Kumho Tire had a partnership deal with his previous club and they have now signed a two-year deal with Tottenham.

We have Asian shirt sponsors, we visited the region last year, Ledley King stopped off on his way to Australia. He helped AIA launch a new initiative and joining the Singapore spurs Supporters Club for the evening.

Our Global Coaching Team is running a training camp in Shanghai, China for youngsters aged between 7 and 11. The Chinese government wants to win the World Cup by 20150 and are pumping money into the game. Spurs are a part of that program building at grassroots level. The aim is to coach 20,000 youngsters in the one program.

Tottenham director Donna-Maria Cullen spoke recently about our links with Asia and it's importance to us.

"We are seen as a challenger brand and so is AIA. The AIA partnership has been great for us in the Asian region and we have really helped them link their brand to health and youth football development in China, for example, and also in Australia through the AIA Vitality Mini Roos program. 
"The Premier League has 400 million fans around the world, including 170 million in Asia and 40 million in China. For Spurs we are very popular on Facebook in Indonesia, and a good presence in Bangkok, Thailand as well. We also translate our social media into Chinese, Thai, Hindi and Spanish as well."

You can get the full story of our coaching work, Ledley King's visit and the Kumho Tire partnership at the links below:
Kumho Tire


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