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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Do you listen to coach's or a TV exert?

Do you listen to coach's or a TV exert?

Why people listen to Stan Collymore is a mystery, he talks for controversy i seems rather than with intelligence or a knowledge of the game he once played. He clearly shows why he isn't a manager or coach on Twitter regularly with daft comments.

Take his Janssen comments, where he wonders why Spurs have bought from Holland where he says strikers are hit and miss from the country in the Premier League. Aren't players hit and miss from every country? What do you do, not buy any foreign players? As a qualified former coach of men's, boys and girls sport I know who's advice I would be listening to.

He then compounds that strange logic by suggesting a player we didn't fit a passing and pressing system at Liverpool should be bought to play a similar system at Tottenham. That is daft. Christian Benteke has been proven time and time again to be a one-trick pony, all his coaches have said he needs crosses to thrive and be seen at his best. Are his coaches wrong Stan or are you?

Tottenham are not a crossing side just as Liverpool are not a crossing side.He doesn' fit the system, but such subtlety is lost on simple Stan. Clearly, all he sees is goals and assumes a striker will score in any system, he won', Roberto Soldado didn't and he had a fantastic scoring record before joining us.

He is an example that former professionals can and do talk nonsense. You only have to look at how many fail as managers to see that while they can play a game, they don't have the ability to build a team or teach hem how to play to any standard. Coaching and buying players to fit into your system is a totally different set of skills required than actually playing the game.

As a player the coach is the one who tells you how to play, he teaches you what to do within  his system, it isn't a player going out onto a pitch and making it up as he goes along. To a degree he does, but without a system to play the players are then lost, as England showed under Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson. Unfortunately, we are now saddled with an England coach who at Bolton and West Ham booted the ball upfield to a big man and played on knockdowns. The wrong men appointing another wrong man, Stan would fit well within the FA, they generally don't know what they are doing either.

Bradford City turned him down for the managers job when he retired from football, we now see why, he's clueless about how you knit a squad togehter. Janssen has been bought because he was the best goalscorer in Holland last season, he has potential to work with and he fits the Pochettino system.



  1. This bloke is a tool. Still smarting from Talkshite not renewing his contract. He is as crappy as they come as a pundit

  2. I think you're wrong about allardyce. Very good manager who's been a success wherever he's been. Great at working with what he has at his disposal. Not a fashionable appointment but I'm sure we will much better with him in charge than any england team since venables



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