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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Chelsea % Spurs agree £23.52m Lloris move

Twitter isn't exactly the most reliable of mediums, people put all sorts of information on there for a laugh and as the Internet is the infamous 'Sky Sources' you'll often find them reporting information that has been entirely made up.

It's not just Twitter though, Facebook and any medium where an individual can post something that the gullible might fall for, the national press operate in the same way, feeding the gullible stories.

One story I don't think they have fallen for, mainly because it is rather easy to see through, is Hugo Lloris having agreed a move to Chelsea. I can just see the Breaking News headlines sliding across the bottom of the screen.

The piece tells of Hugo Lloris and his frosty relationship with Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino, suggesting a training ground bust up last week. Hugo was of course in France ahead of the European Championship Final.

They jest, it could only have been produced in jest, that Chelsea have agreed a £23.52-million (€28m - AUS$40.73m - US$31.08m) with Tottenham.

Always nice to bring a bit of lightness into what can be a teeth-gnashing time for some spurs fans, the transfer window. Two decent signings for the positions we need filling, ticket prices at Wembley reduced and the full capacity being used, not a lot to complain about at the moment.

For those of you unaware Hugo Lloris and Mauricio Pochettino have an excellent working relationship as they both have the same philosophies on football, how it should be played, the mental side of the game for instance. It is that relationship that kept him at Spurs when Manchester United and PSG were making advances.



  1. Haha why go to a small little club who bought their shit history, are not in cl and 23 mill. They can buy back fat frank lampard and put him in goal

  2. I'll never click your links again. Bye.

  3. And I win the lottery every week stupid post



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