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Monday, 18 July 2016

Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs TV


Chelsea, West Ham and Sunderland are reportedly after 26-year-old (27 in ecember) Swansea City winger Andre Ayew, according to The Sun. He arrived on a free transfer from Marseille and as a result the Ghana international is on a high wage. He was a former Tottenham target but his wage demands led to us dropping interest. It is suggested that new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is weighing up a move.

Goaleeper Asmir Begovic told the Chelsea website that new signing N’Golo Kante will improve the squad. Oh really, and thee was us thinking he had been signed to wealen it! 

“N’Golo Kante was a huge player for Leicester last season and he had a good impact with France as well at the Euros, so it’s a player we are looking forward to adding to the team,”
“You can never have too deep a squad so the more options we have, the better. Kante will add a lot to our team and make us better.”

It is infectious because we then have a Manchester United new signing, Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan telling MUTV he will get better.

"I would say it was a good game [friendly vs Wigan]. The first half was a little bit difficult because we couldn't score a goal. But whatever, we made a good game and thank you to my team-mates. I was trying to feel comfortable. I think day by day it will be better."

I bemoan the bland interviews that the majority give. When we had Younes Kaboul as skipper and he was sidelined and stripped of media duties, Federico Fazio took over. During that time whenever Spurs TV interviewed a player it was the same chicles being wheeled out. You would think we were playing Real Madrid each week. 

Not a game went by when we didn't hear 'they are a strong team.' Respect for the opposition of course, being professional, but there was never anything said that wasn't just PR blandness. It stirred me to write to the club and make a few suggestions as to how they improve what was basically a few star struck guys doing things for their own benefit. Spurs TV has improved immensely since then. 

There is still room for improvement, the marketing men have given it a makeover but content is king and there must be a constant assessment of what it should be providing to the fans. It is there for our benefit and it is another area of the club we should constantly be looking to improve. If we want different answers then we have to ask different questions. 

We need more behind the scenes footage, perhaps a series on a player recovering from an injury so we can see the medical team at work, who could then provide health messages and advice to youngster or parents of youngsters playing the game. It is a powerful medium and it can be a teaching one. Why not build up a coaching series, perhaps available on subscription. It is a vastly underused resource.

Perhps the get better words above are something Spurs TV need to constantly be looking at.


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