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Friday, 29 July 2016

Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time

Tom Carroll once again put on a one-man show to get himself sold. The lad is a 24-year-old, he is no longer a prospect, he should be performing, he should be taking control, but he plays like one of the kids learning his trade. I thought he should have left 2 years ago and I have seen nothing to change my mind.

Nabil Bentaleb has clearly fallen out with Pochettino because he is twice the player Carroll is and they play in the same area of the pitch. Carroll was tried for 45 minutes as a central attacking midfielder, that didn't work, he was making the wrong choices on the ball and not executing the options he chose well enough His cross he should have bent beyond the defender, the ball he played from a promising position didn't have a hope of reaching its target and that is what makes the difference in the final third, you have to have that bit of quality, he hasn't.

Harry Winks took his chance, he looked a far better player and is one to give more game time to in the next game. Josh Onomah looked a far better player, Yedlin looked comfortable

Harry Winks is a far better prospect than Tom Carroll.....using the word 'prospect' for Carroll is also embarrassing, he's 24....time to go.

We are delighted to announce we have reached an agreement with for the transfer of Tom Carroll

The next game is tomorrow morning (UK time) against Atletico de Madrid where the youngsters will get another chance to shine. If Carroll is at the base of midfield I want to see him move us forward, not sideways in pretty fashion. Substance, what substance will he produce? There are a hundred players who can play the simple sideways pass, there is no need to hang on to a player if that is all his game is.

I suspect he is happy to be in the squad as a third choice, getting a bit here and there. He doesn't seem to have the drive to improve himself or stamp his mark on a game. His main assets seem to be he keeps the wages down helps with the home grown quota and is happy to be third choice. On the field he offers nothing someone else couldn't do.


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