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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bizarrely Bielsa quits Lazio


Bizarrely Bielsa quits Lazio

Football just keeps surprising you, Willian has a medical for us and then collusion between two Russians mean he has to sign for Chelsea and now Marcelo Bielsa is appointed Lazio manager, th paperwork is all filed and he decides he isn't going there after all.

Lazio are stunned and annoyed that the manager they had signed this week for whom they have filed papers with the Italian Football Federation, has now told the Italians that he has no intention of flying to Rome to take up his post.

"We note with amazement the resignation of Marcelo Bielsa in clear violation of the commitments and agreements signed last week and filed with the Italian Football Federation."

I wonder if this has anything to do with the available Argentina job or just Bielsa playing up, he only lasted a season at Maeseille before leaving in a bit of a cloud with some players not very happy. He should have arrived today but has now told them he isn't going to turn up!


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