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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bentaleb to Portugal is fantasy, he's NOT certain to leave


Champions League side Benfica wants to take 21-year-old midfielder Nabil Bentaleb on loan this season according to Portuguese sports daily newspaper. Record. It's the usual sort of story from Portugal, the same media that Lamela was going there on loan with a £5m option to buy,

That was complete cobblers and this is simply a hopeful story that the gullible website who simply report what a paper says without thinking about it, are repeating for you. Why would Bentaleb drop down to a second tier league when there are plenty of Premier League clubs that would take him and clubs abroad in top tier leagues who have excellent chances of gaining Champions League football each season.

Apart from playing, and he can do that anywhere, here are no plusses to going to Benfica. The chat that Spurs are considering it are websites putting two and two together to come to five. He has been left out of the Australian tour, therefore he must have been told he has to find a new club. There is no actual evidence of that yet, just speculation, yet it is being repeated as fact.

The move would make little sense for Spurs or Bentaleb, both would want him playing at a higher level. All the Portuguese story says is that they would be prepared to enter into discussions with Tottenham over the possibility, not it is a possibility or that Spurs have agreed to discussions. Yet some reports say Pochettino is open to the idea which is simply made up, there is no evidence to suggest that is the case at all.

As I wrote previously I have heard that he may have suffered a slight injury and that is the reason he isn't in Australia, not that he has been told to leave. Two and two making five again for many. We'll have to wait and see.


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