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Monday, 25 July 2016

As expected, Argentina will not be appointing Pochettino

Argentina will not be appointing Pochettino

Reading the headlines it seems websites were trying to get everyone's knickers in a twist over the possibility of Mauricio Pochettino leaving to take the Argentina job.

Had they looked at the situation at the outset of the rumours as I did, then they would have known from the outset that it would be a highly unlikely appointment. He isn't a viable candidate right now, he lacks the level of experience that is required to take on the Argentina job. Pochettino is still at the beginning of his coaching/managing career.

The National football association chief Armando Perez would naturally talk to all parties on their list which is headed by Diego Simeone, who ruled himself out of the running straight away. Perez will still talk to Simeone and Pochettino to understand where they are coming from and give himself an insight into the pair for a potential future signing.

That is when any Pochettino would have to be. As expected Pochettino isn't interested in the Argentina role just yet.

"I think the speculation is normal because I am an Argentinian coach at a top club in England. There a lot of rumours that appear in the media but I am happy at Tottenham and for that reason this is not the right moment."

That's one non-story put to bed.


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