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Friday, 22 July 2016

Argentina job not an issue

Back on 6 July I revealed that Mauricio Pochettino was on the list of candidates for the vacant Argentina national team job.

England have decided to take  a step backwards, if that were possible, with the appointment of Sam 'hoof it up the field' Allardyce, you can be assured Argentina won't be making such a disappointing appointment.

Today we see the general Newsnow websites catching up on the news and they seem unaware that Diego Simeone has ruled himself out of the running, preferring to continue his successful career in Spain at the moment. He will take a lot of convincing to change his mind.

It is unlikely that Mauricio Pochettino has the required experience for the job at the moment and there are better candidates available. Tottenham will know where they stand so with our recent transfer purchases there is little or nothing form Spurs fans to worry about.



  1. I agree except it seems a lot of the other candidates also are preparing to turn the job down what would it take to get poch out of his contract and what can levy do to challenge any attempts to persuade Mauricio from the lane I'm not familiar with coaches contracts and leaving to manage national sides

    1. I was out of breath reading that. Try a full stop now and again. You do know that the Argentinian FA are skint, so, therefore can't afford to pay any compensation.

  2. Does Punctuation means be on time when arriving in the goal area ?



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