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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Alli, Stones, Costa


The pathetic Daily Mail are as bad as the idiots on Twitter who want to laugh because Spurs players are coming home from the Euros. Every player at the end of the season or the end of their major tournament goes on holiday to relax unwind and forget all about football before a couple of weeks later starting the slog of pre-season training.

They don't get much time off, they can't book lave during a season, but according to the idiots at the Daily Mail players are not supposed to enjoy themselves on holiday, they have to remember disappointments and conduct themselves in a sombre mood. Obviously the writer knows nothing about football and certainly has no wish for the national team to be successful, if they did they wouldn't attempt to undermine them with this crass stupidity, or is it, even worse, a deliberate attempt to turn the knife.

I bet the same reporter who is complaining about Dele Alli actually trying to have a good time on holiday, would claim they support England, when clearly they don't. If they want to be having a go at someone it should be the clowns at the FA who appointed an inept manager in the first place and the manager who sent an England team out with players playing in the wrong positions with no idea how they were supposed to play. Four years and bungling Hodgson hadn't even developed a system and all some idiotic reporter can do is complain that a player unwinds ahead of training.

Manchester City are preparing a £50-million move for 22-year-old Everton centre-back John Stones. City regularly struggle with their home grown quota. Pep Guardiola wants to upgrade the City defence and hopes to have Stones signed for pre-season training.

Chelsea - The British press are catching up with the fact that 27-year-old Diego Costa wants to return to Champions League runners-up Atletico Madrid and coach Diego Simeone would welcome him back with open arms. The Chelsea striker is top of Atletico's striker shopping list.


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  1. Unfortunately the Mail appeals to the same lowest common denominator that football does



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