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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A steep learning curve for the youngsters in the furst-half

It was a tough first half for Spurs against a technical Juventus side.

A mistake from Miller with a poor pass and then a poor Dominic Ball touch led to a Dybala goal. Steep learning curve for the Spurs youngsters. He was well marshalled by Cameron Carter-Vickers just before that.

Juventus were giving our youngsters a lesson in pressing, Wanyama was clearly learning where to be in relation to his teammates and the back four were lost what to do with the ball. Juventus were often pressing with a three and cutting off the passing lanes well while we were often pressing with one.

The running off-the-ball wasn't great so players at the back had few passing options. Tom Carroll didn't show enough as a central midfielder, when he had the chance to shoot, he passed, when he had the chance to cross it wasn't a good enough ball, decent but not good enough.

Janssen had no service so we couldn' see what he could do and there was a lot of passing backwards to give ourselves time.

I have to agree with Tony Gale when he says Development football is almost a complete waste of time ad that we should not have got rid of the old system where clubs had a second XI who played midweek. The youngsters play against men, not boys, the game actually has tackling in it instead of sterile Under-21 football and they get to play in stadiums with crowds.

There doesn't have to be a 20 team league, reduce the size to similar to what it is now and spread it over the season, there are options that would teach players a lot more than they are being taught now about playing senior football. You have to think at a totally different pace and handle greater pressure.


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