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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Pochettino interview to learn from


A Pochettino interview to learn from

Lot of sport on TV, European Championships, England rugby union side defeating Australia, Wimbledon, Tour de France and in all of it they have been talking about the importance of mentality. Our captain Hugo Lloris has been talking about it's importance throughout the Euros for a reason.

It is simply what makes the difference, it separates sportsmen and women, without it talent is wasted. A flash of talent, inconsistency, plenty of average performances, it is all a result of a lack of the 'little grey cells' being put to use.

Mauricio Pochettino understands the importance of it and has weeded out those who don't have what it takes. His task isn't finished, it never is. Lamela, Rose, Dembele are mentally different players now and it is shown by their performances on the pitch.

Mentally we lost it at the end of the season, none more so than in the Chelsea game so there is still work to be done. It wasn't a bad season however and the focus should always be on the good, not the bad. Without positivity and belief a sportsman or woman can achieve nothing.

In a recent interview Pochettino immediately remarked about focussing on the positives from the season and how we can improve. Unlike Roy Hodgson, Pochettino has a playing system and that has allowed the team to grow together. He points out we are at the beginning of a winning era because of the potential we have.

It's not hard to see why, having researched him before he arrived, that I was suggesting we had found the right man and that he would be here for the long term. From my coaching background his 'philosophies' matched what I was suggesting we needed back then, a young squad that can grow together within a playing system. Pochettino continue to take on board new techniques, he was recently in Doha visiting a centre of excellence with his coaching staff.

Mentality and the training of mentality comes through in all he does, it separates him from the abundance of average coaches/managers. There are so many messages that come out of the video below that you should listen carefully and take them all in.


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