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Thursday, 21 July 2016

£850,000 for a youth player


Tottenham has received £850,000 for 18-year-old (19 in December) Nigerian youth player Musa Yahaya, who has been transferred to Portuguese side Portimonense. There is no doubt that he has skill and naturally, his agents 11 Africa Stars Football Management, promote him as having all the attributes.

“I was shocked when they (Spurs) decided to sell him, you can’t let a young talented player leave just like that. He has all it takes to succeed in England, pace, power and finishing; they will definitely regret letting him leave.”

It would seem that while having the skill he doesn't have the mental side and it was felt, I believe, that is he isn't prepared to put in the work required that we should let him go. That it seems has now happened. The trouble with youth players is that they often overrate themselves, they think they are better than they are and that they should be moving through the teams faster than they are. 

Anyone who has brought up teenagers will tell you that some of them think they know it all, they don't listen, they don't take advice. Youth footballers are no different, there are some we come across who don't listen and apply what they are being taught. I can't remember who it was but a former player I think was saying only recently that he wished he had listened to his coaches at youth level more as he would have been a far better player.

There has to be a judgement call with youth, how much time do you invest if you look as if you are wasting your time? The role of our Academy is to develop players, not just Tottenham players, but football players. We can't develop everyone though so we try to cherry pick the best and of those, the best may get their chance at Tottenham, the rest will be moved on if they don't show the required progress.

It seems Musa Yahaya is one of those players.


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  1. Poch said that he wishes he listened to his coaches more. You live and you learn. #COYS



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