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Saturday, 23 July 2016

17yo Edwatds is impressing th first team squad

17yo Edwatds is impressing th first team squad

DeAndre Yedlin arrived at Spurs and the players looked at him in training  and decided he didn't have the technical skills needed, in fact, he was miles away from having the required technical skills.

Marcus Edwards has recently signed a new 2-year deal at Tottenham which includes the guarantee of first team football and a first team squad number. Edwards has been noted by Barcelona scouts and marked down as being one of the top players of the next generation. He has started training with the first team and his technical skills have impressed.

The senior squad players are impressed. The 17-year-old has an exciting future ahead of him at Tottenham. He is left-footed and plays on the right, technically absolutely brilliant. The ball is tied on a piece of string to his foot you would think. Obviously, there is a way to go for him yet, there are areas he needs to improve and he has to learn Pochettino's pressing style, but youth can take such things in their stride with enthusiasm.

Watch the video of his performance and you'll get an idea of the skill this lad has got.



  1. Absolutely shocking video. How lazy can you get.

  2. Absolutely shocking video. How lazy can you get.

  3. He's got a long way to go, watching that - needs to work on his 'wrong' foot a bit, as he turned inside to use his left foot every time, still young though, good potential, as long as he doesn't let the hype get to his head.

  4. Such an exciting player. Thanks for sharing the video. I see what you mean that ball seemed to be attached to a string at his feet. What I would be doing is pairing him with a another 2 players so they can all rise to the first team at the same time and they will all complement each other and already know how each of them play. It's always nice to see 2-3 players make the first team each year.



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