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Sunday, 12 June 2016

We did OK missing 6 players

I thought with Lloris, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Dembele, Eriksen and Lamela we did rather well Hart was an able deputy, just the one moment of madness, what was he doing thinking he was Vertonghen shielding the ball for a goal kick.

I'd been saying in the build up that Smalling was the best of a poor selection of centre-backs and so it appeared, Cahill was doing his last gasp Michael Dawson defending. He likes to spend as much time on the floor as possible instead of on his feet. Good job he had Dier in front of him, who was knackered at the end having put in so much work.

Walker proved my posts to be accurate, he is a better player than Clyne, especially on the ball. He showed it against Portugal and he showed it again yesterday, why he hasn't been first choice through the qualifying campaign I don't know, rather shows Hodgson is at sixes and sevens.

He learnt his lesson after playing half a dozen players out of position to accompany Rooney, he actually put them all back and found a sensible position for him. We looked good but let ourselves down in front of goal. The Danny Rose cross, after good work from Sterling (about the only thing he did all game) along the floor across the six-yard box had shades of Gazza against Germany, this time it was Dele Alli who hadn't anticipated and couldn't get the final touch.

Rose had a good game, the odd quality piece of defending, the odd dodgy piece, will Hodgson now stick with him or revert back to Bertrand? For me he should stick with Rose. Lallana dovetailed with Walker better than Sterling dovetailed with Rose and the Rooney Dier combination helped. Handy having these Spurs players to help the rest out.

The same side should play the next game and they should be allowed to grow together. Dier has forced his way in late, Walker has forced his way in late, Rose has forced his way in late, while Alli and Kane have done so relatively lately.

Wals Wednesday next.


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