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Saturday, 4 June 2016

VIDEO: Super skilled Marcus Edwards individual performance

Teenage Marcus Edwards was at a stand-off with the club back in March when it I thought he felt his career should be advancing quicker. His family, I believe, feel he is at the right club and I can only hope that his impatience to play first team football doesn't mean he will go elsewhere. He is under contract until 2017

Barcelona have the 17-year-old (18 in December) attacking midfielder on their list of next generation stars so clearly he has talent and potential. Many a Spurs fan may never have seen him in action so  have sourced YouTube and grabbed a 6-minute video that shows his individual performance again Guinea U-17's.

You can see that he has a footballing brain and an excellent technique to build upon. In 3 England Under-18 games he has scored 4 goals and this season he appeared in 5 Premier League Under-21 games. It is always a pleasure to watch a young talented player and if you like doing so you'll like watching this video.


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