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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Two fingers to the supporters

Two fingers to the supporters

As I wrote at the time Roy Hodgson resigned to try and avoid flak from the media when the country want answers. According to the bungling boss though, when he was forced to give another interview, he didn't see why he was there ad didn't see the need to explain anything.

Former West Ham striker Dean Ashton says Roy Hodgson is ‘arrogant’ and has treated England fans like ‘a piece of dirt’. I totally agree. What has the guy been doing for four years taking money under false pretences by going into a major tournament with no visable system the team and playing to.

Former players can't determine how we play, can't understand how we can be trying different systems before a major tournament when we have players who haven't played together in whatever system we were supposed to be playing.

Taking unfit player who have been injured to tournaments has never worked, not has leaving your better players on the bench while picking players who fail. Does the clown not know that you have to play and move in a system and if you pick players who don't know how to play that way that it breaks a system down. Sturridge should never have been on the field, let alone stay on, Lallana should have been there from the start.

Game after game, we fit players around Wayne Rooney when he isn't good enough at that level to have that honour. I talk a lot about mentality because it is so damn important. To pick a jellyfish as your rock, your captain for the others to look towards is insane. Hodgson is only rivalled by Jeremy Corbyn for incompetence and a total disregard for the people. Despite a massive vote of no confidence there is someone in power more interested in himself than those he is supposed to be serving.

How can Roy Hodgson say 'I don't know why I'm here' to a press conference. I shouldn't have to explain anything to anyone is what he is saying, I'm not responsible to the English public. The man is a disgrace. While all around were trying to say how well we were performing I was telling the truth, we were poor, we were creating nothing, passing the ball sideways for possession is meaningless. hardly anything was created for Harry Kane, that is the job of the midfield, unfortunately it had Sterling and Sturridge as suppliers, neither up to the task, yet he singled these two out for praise!

The fact that he talks about England doing enough to get the draw we needed tells you all about the negativity of the man, that he plays for 0-0 at half-time and only tries to win a game in the second half. Fear football and he wonders why the players are mentally weak! The guy is clueless when it comes to sports psychology, but to many that doesn't exist despite evidence again and again and again.

Now it seems the incompetent FA are going to appoint managerial flop Gareth Southgate for a years interim management, god help us.he is the last thing the people need, they need an experienced man at the helm, someone the people can get behind. Southgate couldn''t handle managing the might of Middlesbrough, now having worked with kids against no opposition he is our go to man.

Jobs for the boys and two fingers to the supporters


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  1. I must admit that i was stunned by Hodgson's response to the opening question at the press conference. For a man of his experience not to imagine that he would be expected to face the press is incredible.



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