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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tuesday meeting: Janssen offered £45,000-a-week?


Dutch striker Vincent Janssen has burst on the scenes this season and into the international team, not just the squad. Tottenham are trying to sign him before his price rises any further. he fits perfectly the club transfer strategy, a young player with potential for improvement and an increase in asset value.

General media reports have said that AZ Alkmaar wants 15m EUR and that that fee has been agreed, including this website which is perhaps jumping the gun because further research indicates that the local provincial newspaper in Alkmaar (Noordhollands Dagblad) suggests the club are looking for something over 10m EUR, so there is room for negotiation.

It was thought we were prepared to pay 15m EUR but Dutch news is now suggesting that a final fee is still to be arrived at.  He could end up costing less that £11.74m (15m EUR) and as with every transfer, part of that fee will be performance related payments. The two sides will have to agree on how much that non-guaranteed element will be. There would have been a clause in Hugo Lloris or Toby Alderweireld's contract about an add-on fee for qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. Transfer fees are usually reported with all these extras added in, in other cases like Anthony Martial they are not.

Much like Marseille, the Dutch side has to sell players each summer for financial stability so selling a player they bought for 400,000 EUR  for over 10m EUR will place them on a healthy financial footing. Agreeing on a fee isn't expected to cause a problem and if he continues his development and can handle the pressure of expectation at a bigger club, which his international scoring suggests he can, then he will be a bargain.

There have been many players we have looked at to fill this berth and we were not going to be pushed into paying way over the odds for a player. Saido Berahino and Timo Werner are just two for instance.

Janssen himself accepts that he will leave this summer and feels he has outgrown the Dutch league, meaning he doesn't feel the top clubs like Ajax could afford him. The suggestion in the local press is that he will be offered around £45,000-a-week.

The much loved Bureau de Change
57,309 EUR - £45,000 - AUS$87,522 - US$65,049
400,000 EUR - £314,067 - AUS$610,926 - US$453,920
10m EUR - £7.85m - AUS$15.27m - US$11.35m
15m EUR - £11.78m - AUS$22.91m - US$17.02m


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