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Friday, 3 June 2016

Transfer Talk: Spurs target Domenico Berardi


Juventus are having to make contingency plans should Real Madrid exercise their buy-back option on Alvaro Morata, which seems likely.

One of their options is to buy-back Domenico Berardi, the Sassuolo striker we have sounded out. Alvaro Morata is a player we are after ourselves with Mauricio Pochettino making several phone calls to try to persuade him to join us. An alternative is Berardi.

We can't sign Berardi if Juventus want him and they don't know whether they want him until they know the fate of Morata. They don't know that until Real Madrid decide to exercise their option or not and they are expecting to face a transfer embargo in 2017 so are having to prepare for that. It all leaves Berardi in limbo and one of our main targets out of reach for now.

We have been watching him all season and Real Madrid are known to have phoned Morata to discuss the future. It is a tangled web that those on the outside will have to wait to see resolved. How long do you wait though?

Spurs can't just sit back and wait and thus we are linked with many strikers, they all figure somewhere on our list. We'll sign the one nearest the top of the list that is at the right price and that all the circumstances have fallen into place for.

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