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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Tapping up - players and agents are not innocents

I had to laugh when I read an article from a Saints fan in dreamland clearly unaware of what goes on at the very club he supports. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders.

He tries to claim Tottenham have a reputation for unsettling players and managers when every club in the land, including Southampton, talk to other players and their agents trying to turn their heads and get them to join Southampton. The difference is it isn't news, except to a few on the South coast, if Southampton are trying to secure a player.

Mauricio Pochettino failed to get the assurances he asked of the Southampton board over his players and summer transfer policy in January 2014 according to the Southampton players who left. One publicly came out and said so and pointed out that Pochettino made his mind up to leave there and then. It seems this Saints fan is in denial.

Far from poaching a manager, the board drove him out, Pochettino wanted to leave, we just happened to need a manager at the time, fortunately. All of that is ignored to bleat about tapping up.

It is a fact of life that players want to improve themselves and move to bigger clubs, Spurs have regularly had European football to offer, Southampton haven't, it is quite natural for them to use the club as a stepping stone. Just like West Ham they will have to get used to it, we have been a stepping stone club, we know all about it and what it is like.

Fans can complain all they like but that doesn't change the facts, any decent player with ambition will look to leave and will encourage that through his agent. Do these people really think that their players do not use their agents to seek out and talk to other clubs?

Do they seriously believe a player just sits there quietly until another club approaches their agent? That is a fantasy world. Agents of players talk to other clubs all the time and they encourage clubs, they also devise a media plan to put pressure on, yes agents, not clubs. A story is leaked, oh it must be from the other club tapping our player up, what innocence. Far more likely it is from the player agent, thus people like this Southampton chap go off on one when they should be looking closer to home.

Bale left, Modric left, do Spurs fans think either player had nothing to do with the media stories, do Spurs fans think their agents knew nothing about stories in the press? Players and agents were involved feeding stories to the press, not just Real Madrid.

Clubs aren't innocent, Tottenham aren't innocent, Southampton aren't innocent. Like it or not it is how the football business works. The media is a tool to use, it shows a lack of business acumen to bleat about it.

Why is this Saint bleating? Because Everton must be tapping up innocent Mr. Koeman, the Dutchman couldn't possibly have anything to do with stories in the media. Koeman will sort out his future and then he'll make a statement that nobody who understands the game will believe. If he stays he'll say he never had a thought of leaving, in which case he would already have made that statement, but hasn't.

If he leaves he'll feed some rubbish about an exciting opportunity, which basically mans this club has more money to spend than that club.

The whole point f a scouting network is to have players ready to buy that can fill the place of someone leaving, it's why clubs get linked to so many players, They are not trying to buy them, they are scouting them and talking to their agents to see who is in the market for a move and who isn't. Fans need to wake up and understand how the whole game works instead of the fantasy perception.


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