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Friday, 10 June 2016

Stadium construction humour


There are plenty of construction buffs at the Skyscraper City forum mulled over every vestige of the building of the new stadium, with doses of facts and humour thrown in. I particularly liked the aviation industry statistics applied to the stadium by Bazza and the catering requirements from Brunel_Spurs.

At an average weight of 85KG the crowd of 61.400 will weigh 5,219,000KG or 5,219 tonne

If they all had a couple of pints at £5.00 that would cost £614,000.00 and they would roughly be 61,400 KG heavier (until they get to the loo).
Not to mention the burgers. If everyone ate a quarter pounder (the average cow produces 1,000) then 61 cows would be needed per match.
I have no idea what these guys are talking about half the time but it can be an interesting read at times and informative for us non-construction nerds. DIY is a big no no for me, let alone building anything. It's called DIY for a reason in my view!

Still this is a little bigger than a DIY project, it's not as if the wife is nagging haven't you built that stadium yet, we leave that to the dwindling anti-Levy cluster.

The top picture is how the construction looks now, below is how it looked a yar ago.


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