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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Spurs Retained list and youth

The Premier League issued the list of retained and released players from each club this week and you'll have read many an article telling you about it no doubt. In case you haven't seen the Spurs list, here it is below.

We are doing a lot of recruitment for the next generation, looking at players in the 16, 17, 18 age range. While there are one or two highlights in the youth ranks, most notably Marcus Edwards, I get the impression that there are not that many who are going to be good enough to figure for us. I defer to others who watch these guys each time they play, but listening to them we have a lot of work to do to improve the 'conveyor belt of talent' we would like.

Keeping youth players happy isn't always an easy task, some teenagers think they are superstars and know everything. There has to be a carrot and stick approach, you have to show them what they are aiming for, then take it away. That's why you see youngsters on the bench or travelling to an away game in Europe, it's to experience and see the first team on game day and be a part of it. It is a learning experience that you hope will motivate them ti say yes this is what I want and work even harder to get there.

Harry Winks is an example, he was given a little taster and then returned to the Development Squad. Josh Onomah was given a taster this season and incredibly on one forum some chap is suggesting he should be sold! Good job they have nothing to do with our youth football, we'd never have a player come through and Harry Kane wouldn't be at the club.

Remember when he first started? Forums were full of people saying he isn't going to make it we should get rid of him. Bright sparks. No concern for the future of the club at all, all just now thinking. That is a road to disaster, you have to have a forward plan, a strategy mapped out you can follow.

I digress, back to the retained list!

Tottenham Hotspur

Contract PlayersAlderweireld, Toby Albertine
Alli, Bamidele Jermaine
Amos, Luke Ayodele
Ball, Dominic
Bentaleb, Nabil
Carroll, Thomas James
Carter-Vickers, Cameron
Chadli, Nacer
Davies, Benjamin Thomas
Dembele, Mousa
Dier, Eric Jeremy Edgar
Eriksen, Christian
Fazio, Federico
Georgiou, Anthony Michael (Extended)
Glover, Thomas William
Goddard, Cy (Extended)
Harrison, Shayon
Heung-Min, Son
Kane, Harry
Lamela, Erik
Lesniak, Filip
Lloris, Hugo
Maghoma, Christian
Mason, Ryan Glen
McGee, Luke Paul
Miller, William (Extended)
N'Jie, Clinton
Oduwa, Nathan
Ogilvie, Connor Stuart
Onomah, Joshua
Pritchard, Alex David
Pritchard, Joe Cameron
Rose, Daniel Lee
Tracey, Shilow
Trippier, Kieran John
Vertonghen, Jan
Vorm, Michel
Voss, Harry William (Extended)
Walker, Kyle Andrew
Walker-Peters, Kyle
Walkes, Anton (Extended)
Ward, Grant Antony
Wimmer, Kevin
Winks, Harry
Yedlin, DeAndre
Austin, Brandon Anthony
Bennetts, Keanan Chidozie
Brown, Jaden
Duncan, Dylan
Edwards, Marcus
Loft, Ryan (Extended)
Marsh, George Owen
Mcdermott, Thomas William (Extended)
Mukena, Joy-Richard
Muscatt, Joseph Luis (Extended)
Oteh, Aramide Jay
Owens, Charlie (Extended)
Roles, Jack
Shashoua, Samuel
Sterling, Kazaiah
Stylianides, Zenon (Extended)
Tanganga, Japhat Manzambi
Tsaroulla, Nicholas
Whiteman, Alfie
Sonupe, Emmanuel Olukolade


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