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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Spurs refuse to pay £32.21m for Batshuayi

Michy Batshuayi is a fine example of how a club sets about buying a player. They do not simply pay what a club demands and if an agreement on a price that both sides are happy with can't be reached how clubs then look at stepping up negotiations for the next player on their list.

Before we get the daft ant-Levy loons piping up, every club operates in the same way, although sometimes money does replace common sense.

Het Laatste Nieuws report that the Michy Batshuayi deal is all concluded apart from the fee, indeed, it has been for a while. Tottenham refuse to pay the £31.32 million (€40m - US$45.46m - AUS$61.72m), quite rightly, it is rather excessive. We value any player we are looking to buy ourselves and if we can get them near that price then a deal is possible, if not you move on to the next target and so on. Like it or not football is a business, fans can bleat all they like, it isn't going to change.

It is claimed West Ham United have pulled out, they were never a realistic option for Batshuayi with no guaranteed European football to offer. Olympique Marseille are in need of raising money each summer to balance their books so buying clubs don't simply have to give in to the prices they ask for. pressure may reduce that price. In the meantime, Batshuayi will tell you he is delaying a decision, which is PR talk to say I'm waiting for clubs to agree a fee before I leave. If nothing is agreed he can claim he never wanted to leave and gullible fans will lap it up.


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