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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Spurs embracing Japanese philosophy

A have spoken before about he Kaizen approach, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices that combined can achieve great improvements. It is an approach I advocated we should be using at Tottenham throughout the organization.
Mauricio Pochettino recently took his coaching staff to Doha to look at a state-of-the-art facility there and see what others are doing in the field of sports science. Any little piece of information that can help improve what we do at Tottenham can benefit.

The club reorganised, brought in new personnel, revamped the scouting network and recruited scouts, established a clear transfer policy and are placing greater emphasis on what a player achieves rather than his name and price tag, we are assessing a player mentally better, we are using injury prevention techniques making muscle injuries few and far between, we have improved fitness levels, established a clear playing strategy, introduced a policy of trusting youth, player diets have changed, the list of improvements big and small goes on.

With our UEFA Champions League games to be played at Wembley, which will help get us used to the pitch size, we are recreating the pitch at our training ground. It is just another small detail as per the Kaizen approach.

I have seen people suggest we can't play the pressing game on a bigger pitch, which is nonsense, we beat Manchester City. Manchester United play on the same size, as do Arsenal, Southampton, Swansea City and WBA.

The Premier League wants all pitches to be 105m x 68m, FIFA stipulated measurements and Wembley adheres to the same FIFA stipulations. Tottenham can use the training ground prepared pitch to practice for those games on the same size pitch, another tiny little improvement that helps us prepare more thoroughly.


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