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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Spurs £13.9m England £110.86m


Spurs £13.9m England £110.86m

I saw this graphic on Facebook and dig a bit of digging to see figures for myself, here is what i found, all from the same source to be consistent (transfermarkt).

Daniel Levy has assembled the spine of the England team for just £13.9 million, the other six cost a whopping £110.86 million.

Their valuations have increased, basically, by the amount we paid for our five. The England six are now valued at £113.25 million as opposed to the Spurs players increased valuation to £80.25 million.

Doesn't know what he's doing this Levy chap!

Transfermarkt stated transfer fee
Joe Hart £675,000
Gary Cahill £6.3 million
Raheem Sterling £46.88 million
Chris Smalling £6 million
Wayne Rooney £27.75 million
Adam Lallana £23.25 million
TOTAL: £110.86 million

Transfermarkt stated transfer fee
Kyle Walker £4.43 million
Danny Rose £750,000
Eric Dier £3.75 million
Dele Alli £4.97 million
Harry Kane FREE
TOTAL: £13.9 million

Transfermarkt valuation
Joe Hart £12.75 million
Gary Cahill £11.25 million
Raheem Sterling £33.75 million
Chris Smalling £15 million
Wayne Rooney £26.25 million
Adam Lallana £14.25 million
TOTAL: £113.25 million

Transfermarkt valuation
Kyle Walker £11.25 million
Danny Rose £10.5 million
Eric Dier £13.5 million
Dele Alli £15 million
Harry Kane £30 million
TOTAL: £80.25 million

The figures speak for themselves, all we had to do was find a top quality manager as opposed to one who can only buy players. That is why we went through managers looking for one.


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