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Thursday, 16 June 2016

September Evaluation


Having looked at the fixtures for August and suggested we might start the season with seven points from the first three games, hopefully no worse, time to move on to month two and three more fixtures in September.

in August we found out who our Champions League group stage opponents were and in September we get started with two fixtures which may make the games surrounding them that little bit more difficult.

We start the moth with Stoke City at the hate fueled Britannia Stadium where many a club comes a cropper if they don't approach the game right. We did this season and hopefully we go into the game with the same approach next season and not with one eye on the upcoming Champions League tie. Perhaps squad rotation will be important here.

Following the Champions League game we have Sunderland, a side we should really be getting past and follow that with a trip to Middlesbrough, where again you would expect us to fare well. The Champions League game that follows makes it a more difficult tie but you would expect us to collect all nine points in September.

10/09/2016    15:00    Stoke City (a)
13/09/2016     CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 1
14/09/2016     CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 1
17/09/2016    15:00    Sunderland (h)
24/09/2016    15:00    Middlesbrough (a)
27/08/2016    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 2
28/08/2016    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 2

September Points Total: 9
Season Points Total: 16

Put your monthly points total in the comments section, always best to log-in for that, don't worry I don't use your email address to send you any junk or sales material, nor do I give it to a third party. The rare one gets invited to write a post, mind you that has only happened twice over three years I think. If any of you do just let me know and I'll get back to you.


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