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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Saints Wanyama review (inc. video) - Sinner or Saint?


I don't know, but i suspect that Victor Wanyama came to a gentleman's agreement with Southampton last summer to stay for a year and be allowed to leave this summer. We wanted to sign him a year ago and Southampton resisted our efforts. He had refused to sign a new deal, letting the club know he wanted to go and clubs, including ourselves sometimes, hold on to a player in the hope he will change his mind and stay. They rarely do.

Saido Berahino is another at WBA who wanted to leave and hasn't produced the goods when forced to stay against his will. Jeremy Peace has simply shot himself in the foot and done the WBA fans a disservice, something that was obvious to see and predict from the outside.

Victor Wnyama has had an indifferent season at Southampton, performing in some games and not in others. His sending-off tackles were all apparently very similar and some fans are questioning whether they were deliberate, given he had not had a problem in this area before.

Listening to an assessment from Saints fans it all smacks of a player not wanting to be at a club going through the motions for a season, making sure his doesn't suffer a serious injury and awaiting a move. Obviously, Pochettino knows him and you would expect his performances to start to become consistent.


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