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Thursday, 9 June 2016

S-P answers Levy Out nut

An excellent response to the Levy Out buffoon from S-P so I thought I'd bring it to the attention of the masses, OK the thousands who read this blog for an opinionated look at the news then.

S-P commented on Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable! -

More to be pitied than hated. It's all about self-made. They invent this image for themselves where they know better in their spare time than the folk who are actually doing it for a living (in this case Daniel Levy). They then latch on to one thing that, to them, symbolises everything that is being done wrong - in this case the myth that 'Levy' leaves everything to the last minute (always him, never anyone else - except when signings like Alderweireld and Alli are made early, of course😉). Then they just have to sit back and wait for the fuse to be lit - in this case by any other club anywhere signing a player - and hey presto, the professional's uselessness and his own superiority is confirmed. The truth of the situation, the one you explain, pretty soon becomes irrelevant. The fact that the club has steadily improved, actually challenged for the title and is in a great position, none that matters. Genius would 'buy some players faster than Levy's an d another club have bought someone, so it's a disaster. Just like last summer - where the disaster was so obvious that we didn't actually need a ball to be kicked for the disaster to be confirmed! 

Bonus side-effect: they can also convince themselves that this hysteria proves that they support the club more than anyone else 😂 

S-P is clearly my type of supporter, one with a brain.


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