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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson makes it very tough for England now


Rainbow's Bungle could have done a better job that Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson, but then who couldn't, as he helps put England in the toughest half of the draw for the 2016 European Championships. Where you finish in the group stages matters so selecting a squad full of unfit players was madness to start with, now having tried to use them he has come a cropper.

England failed to score against a pitifully weak Slovakia with a group of players who, when it came to it, didn't have any invention or ideas how to consistently break down their defenders, most of whom have not played football in any major league.

On the couple of occasions we did get behind them we fluffed our lines or in Clyne's case chose totally the wrong option, shooting instead of passing to someone with an open goal. That piece of selfishness cost us dear, it must be a Liverpool thing because Daniel Sturridge spent the whole game being selfish. Someone ought to inform them it is a team game.

get to the final third and we simply were not good enough, not bad luck, excuses are for losers, we simply were not good enough and that is down to the wrong team selection from Bungle.

England go into the bottom half of the draw together with Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland and Iceland.

Bungle let Wales win the group so they go into a half that includes Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, and Northern Ireland.

Which half would you rather be in given England don't beat major sides in major tournaments? I'd take the second group all day and let tough teams fight it out and eliminate each other. We are now going to have a horrendously difficult quarter-final, assuming we even get that far, before we even get tp a potential semi-final.

Wales now have an easily winnable game against Northern Ireland followed by a quarter-final against Hungary or Belgium. We have Iceland followed by France or Republic of Ireland, with the other big teams waiting.

England could have had that easy route if it weren't for Bungle being in charge. He gambled and lost, he shouldn't have gambled with the nation's future.

The risk of playing players recovering from injury all together was simply to great, we had to win the group to give ourselves a real good chance, now those chances have all but disappeared. Our defence will now have to play against some decent opposition and centrally we are very weak.

For England to progress Eric Dier is going to have to be sensational in protecting Gary Cahill in particular, but he can't do it all on his own. Bungle should have ensured England won the group by picking his best side and at best resting one or two players.

He selects the team, he made so many changes, it is his error. If you want to rest players you win the game first, then you substitute them off, as Mauricio Pochettino does at Tottenham. You will frequently see us make substitutions after 60 minutes. Bungle bungled it.

Knockout phase structure

In the round of 16, the match-ups are to take place as follows:
  • Match 1: Runner-up Group A (Switzerland) v Runner-up Group C (Poland)
  • Match 2: Winner Group D (Croatia) v 3rd Place Group F (Portugal)
  • Match 3: Winner Group B (Wales) v 3rd Place Group C (Northern Ireland)
  • Match 4: Winner Group F (Hungary) v Runner-up Group E (Belgium
  • Match 5: Winner Group C (Germany) v 3rd Place Group B (Slovakia)
  • Match 6: Winner Group E (Italy) v Runner-up Group D (Spain)
  • Match 7: Winner Group A (France) v 3rd Place Group E (Republic of Ireland)
  • Match 8: Runner-up Group B (England) v Runner-up Group F (Iceland)

The quarter-final match-ups are:
  • Quarter-final 1: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2
  • Quarter-final 2: Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4
  • Quarter-final 3: Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6
  • Quarter-final 4: Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8
The semi-final match-ups are:
  • Semi-final 1: Winner Quarter-final 1 v Winner Quarter-final 2
  • Semi-final 2: Winner Quarter-final 3 v Winner Quarter-final 4


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  1. Ok, while I do agree that Hodgson "bungled" and in hindsight we would have been in the easier side of the draw had we won the group it is quite clear that topping their group DIDN'T help the likes of Germany, Italy or France did it? And what about Iceland who did amazingly to score a last minute winner, come second so as to get an "easier" route but ended up drawing England and the tough side of the draw instead.



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