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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rooney digs the knife into England

If losing to Iceland wasn't bad enough, Wayne Rooney have vowed not to walk away from England.

This is devastating news for the country, unless we have a manager who knows what he is doing we are stuck with one of the most underachieving England players at major tournaments ever. He has consistently been appealing and once again when the team need ed a rock for the youngsters, Rooney turned to jelly.

He simply doesn't have it mentally at international level and he is the example for everyone to folloe, our leader. What hop is there is your leader is woefully inept? Watch his individual performance in that second half and you will see the worst player on the park. He spent the half losing the ball and passing to the opposition.

In the first half the passing was simply too slow, there was a lack of movement and Rooney still playing in a position he hasn't played before this tournament. In every game he stopped England playing because he couldn't decide quick enough what to do with the ball.

It isn't all his fault with Bungle in charge selecting the wrong squad and then the wrong team time and time again. I'm perplexed why Lallana was on the bench and it's unfathomable why he didn't come on. A manager who doesn't know what he is doing and a captain not up to major international tournament football. What a pair.

Half this nation has wanted shot of Rooney for years and we keep getting proven right time after time after time, but he is a name so he has to be picked, garbage. Just as manager after manager bottled the Lampard Gerrard issue, so Hodgson bottled the Rooney issue.

 "Of course. I said before the tournament and I've been asked many times but I'm proud to play for England and I'll see who the next manager is and, if selected, I'm available to play. 
"It is hard to see it now but the future is bright. It will take a bit of time I'm sure but we have to try to dust it off as quick as we can and try to move on. 
"It is a hard one to take, it is embarrassing. We know we are a better team, but you can't explain it by saying we could have done this or that. We tried to create chances, but unfortunately we couldn't win. Whoever the new manager is, it is the job for him to recognise and try to see where we need to improve."
PT clap trap, we all know what the problem was, a clueless manager with no idea how he wanted England to play and a proven failure at major international tournaments leading us. I applaud his willingness to play for his country but we need a manager who isn't going to pick him.

Watching the Italian players sing their national anthem the way ours should and then watching our lot sing apathetically mentally shows what pride there is. It'll sound daft to most, but it's one of the first things I'd change. Roy insisted they all sing the national anthem, he should have insisted they sing it with passion, then we start t instil the passion back into the player and a passion for playing for the country, because there was none evident.

I'm not picking on Jack Wilshere here, merely giving an example. In the Italy game there was an overhead kick and the defender was putting his head in their trying to stop the shot and won a free kick. In the same situation in the England  game Wilshere was turning himself away, pulling his head away and making an apology of an attempt to affect the overhead lick. He didn't want to get hurt, that was his primary concern.

That sums up England. The motivation to do what it takes simply isn't there, the passion isn't there.


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