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Monday, 20 June 2016

PSG Striker Kamga to turn down Spurs


There have been recent reports that out of contract PSG striker Wilfried Kanga was dissatisfied at PSG, as many before him have been, with his future prospects there. Tottenham put a proposal to him but he has turned it down and decided to stay in France at PSG for another season and reassess his future then.

Exclu - Wilfried Kanga va signer un contrat pro avec le PSG. Il a refusé une offre de Tottenham
Translated from French by 
Excluded - Wilfried Kanga is going to sign a contract with PSG pro. He refused an offer to Tottenham

We can cross him off the list. He looked to be one for the future in any case, something we ned to look at if the reports of our youth strikers not having perhaps developed as much as we had hoped.


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