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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Oduwa hauled off before half-time

Nathan Oduwa didn't last long when he was given a start in the Nigeria U-23 team as they prepare for the Rop Olympics this summer, he was hauled off before half-time.

It is embarrassing for a player when they are so bad they can't even make it to half-time, it's bad enough at half-time, but before speaks volumes for his performance.

At the moment, Oduwa isn't signing a new contract at Tottenham after going to Rangers on loan, being sent back to Tottenham and loaned out to Colchester United this season. The 20-year-old (21 in March) hasn't developed as hoped and his attitude may have held him back.

He received criticism in Scotland and you wonder whether he thinks he should be playing first team football and is not putting the effort in on the training ground to improve. It happens in all sports, some think they have made it and stop trying, too much too soon. It might be that he simply isn't good enough or that he had an off day, but even on an off day, players rarely get substituted before half-time.

There were plenty of scouts there to see him too, scouts from around Europe, the Premier League and the Championship. He has had two previous substitute appearances before his inauspicious debut.


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