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Friday, 3 June 2016

No 'war' between Spurs and West Ham

I see that Football Fancast have got things rather wrong again, 'Spurs in transfer talks to obliterate bitter rivals West Ham in £30m transfer war' he shouts.

Well firstly West Ham are not bitter rivals, Spurs may be to West Ham fans but West Ham are just another club to Spurs fans, no different from Brentford, QPR, Charlton, Fulham or Everton or Sunderland.

Secondly, Lacazette has already stated he wants UEFA Champions League football and the reality is that no player who wants Champions league football is going to sign for West Ham, who aren't even guaranteed Europa League football yet, a minimum requirement for ambitious players.

West Ham fans may not have liked that truth but that doesn't change it. we at Tottenham have seen season after season of links to top players, none of whom came without first waiting for a Champions League club. Money didn't dictate that they went to Italy or Germany or Spain, the possibility of Champions League football did.

There is no war because there is no battle, there is no comparison. People think I'm putting West Ham down when I say they will have to wait until there is no chance of a player getting a move to a Champions League club and that they have guaranteed their participation in the UEFA Europa league. I'm not, I'm just stating what we Spurs fans have had to see for ourselves, to think West Ham are a special case and the same thing isn't going to happen to them because they have TV money (so does every other club) is delusion.

The Olympic Stadium isn't going to make a jot of difference. If you can't provide the standard of football, nothing else matters. Southampton can offer guaranteed Europa league football so like it or not they are a more attractive proposition at the moment. You can throw money at a situation but everyone else has TV money too.

There is no chance either Michy Batshuayi or Alexandre Lacazette will sign for them without first talking to Champions League clubs and there is little doubt that is where they will end up, be it in France, Italy, Germany, Spain or England.

Spurs have previously held talks with Lacazette's agent before so this is nothing new, just further ongoing talks to keep everyone in the loop as it were. he is just one of several possibilities. Morata is no doubt at the top given the phone calls Pochettino has made to him and it is anyone's guess in which order Pochettino has the others in.

All will be revealed as the transfer window goes on but it isn't hard to see what will happen if you look at things with an open mind rather than with a pointless emotional hatred that affects nobody but yourself.



  1. shut up you knob you're talking gorilla shit.

  2. If you do you're homework you might realise that your shit club is about to be swamped by a more upwardly mobile club so stop talking out yout japs eye you turd.

  3. geeze you have just taken time out your to spout this complete nonsense haha... get a life #COYI

  4. Is it in every Spurs fans DNA to talk absolute garbage or do you have to take lessons ??

  5. Well done scott .took words right out my mouth .

  6. Somehow I feel like us being 'swamped' is unlikely

  7. There you go again Carl1966 , trying to create something that doesn't exist, only in the eyes of West ham fans.

  8. Poster talks like tottenham are some great club. qualify for for champions league when the big boys have an off year. Author, get a real sense of your place in the league

    1. What 3rd.... With champions league football?! Nice point numbnuts.

  9. i think you're going to find it not only exists clive elliot but its only getting bigger,good luck with that snothole you're building,and all the transfer restrictions that comes with it.

  10. You spuds are so up your own ring piece.your either talking shit or sprouting shit



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