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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Neymar set for trial now


Neymar set for trial now

Barcelona had a transfer embargo because of their transfer dealing, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are facing the same, The Italians are always under investigation it seems. Lionel Messi and his father are on trial and Prosecutors have now asked for Brazilian star Neymar to stand trial.

The Public Prosecutor has asked that Neymar, Barcelona, Santos and their current and former Presidents, among others, be tried for corruption report Cadena SER. They believe that Neymar, his parents, ex-Barca President Sandro Rosell, current President Josep Maria Bartomeu, ex-Santos President Odilo Rodrigues and N&N, the company owned by Neymar’s parents all have a case to answer.

The problems revolve around the Brazilians move from Santos. Players in South America have third party owners, who are usually investment forms or families. The Brazilian company DIS held 40% of the rights to Neymar’s registration when he signed for Barcelona and they believe they have been defrauded. That is one of the allegations.

It is also alleged they defrauded the tax office by misrepresenting the cost of the transfer, contravening articles 286 and 288 of the criminal code. The penalty is between six months and two years in prison, as well as substantial fines.

Barcelona claim to have paid around €17m for Neymar, DIS share €10m for, but it’s alleged Barcelona actually paid €25m and DIS should be due a further €3m. The belief is Barcelona had a deal in place in 2011 and it is also alleged Barcelona denied this in a letter in 2012, the transfer went ahead in 2013. There were reports in 2012 that Barcelona made a €10m payment

The Public Prosecutor believes Neymar cost €83-million, not the €57-million Barcelona claim. That would mean an additional €13-million tax bill.


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