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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Mew Stadium, NFL involved in the bigger picture


Mark Waller (left) joins Daniel Levy at the site of Spurs' new ground which will open in two years' time
Daniel Levy and Mark Waller, NFL executive vice-president for international

While some websites belittle the NFL link and failing to see the bigger picture past two games a year (much like those who can't see our fans behaviour causes violence), I have looked at the matter from a marketing and club advancement angle.

Clearly it is significant for our future, clubs want to get into the massive American market and we are teaming up with the nation's number one sport. Seems a clever approach to me as the bigger our fanbase, the bigger our appeal, the more money we can get in from sponsors. Look at Chelsea finishing 10th to our 3rd, yet their reported Nike deal is double ours. have you asked yourself why? It is because they have a greater reach. We have to establish ourselves in the upper echelons of the game and that takes money.

If we can use the NFL to make us thr  number one followed club in America that will only help. Currently, while we have more supporters clubs, the ESPN website viewing figures tell a different story. 12.7% click on Manchester United stories, 2.7% click on Tottenham Hotspur stories.

Obviously we are building a stadium to house American football because we have been in discussions with them over a London franchise, we wouldn't be building it otherwise and the NFL wouldn't be taking an active interest in the stadium construction.

Daniel Levy revealed that two delegations of NFL executives have been to see the new construction and they will no doubt have held talks with the club. The NFL are said to be 'very involved' with the project. Mark Waller is the NFL Executive Vice-President International and he was encouraged by the progress.

"It is encouraging to see the new stadium starting to take shape and it certainly whets the appetite for our games here. 
"Our relationship with the club and the Tottenham community is a very important part of our future plans in the UK. We are excited to see the full regeneration plan come to fruition as a key part of creating a great experience for our teams and fans."

Daniel Levy told Spurs TV that it was important the NFL bought into the construction process.

"We're going into detail about all the areas we are sharing. They are very involved in absolute detail of every aspect of this stadium. 
"It's very important that they buy into the construction process. They really engaged, and now we have regular weekly meetings."

This is just why players have to buy into what Mauricio Pochettino wants. If you buy into something it is yours, you feel ownership of something, part of something and you'll fight harder. The same psychology applies off the pitch so these weekly meeting Levy talks about help cement and build upon our relationship with the NFL.

As we construct the stadium, we construct the NFL relationship with the aim of constructing a huge American fan base and sponsorship deals that could dwarf others.


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