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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable!

Daft isn't it and all so predictable, first we have stories of Hugo Lloris refusing to sign a new contract splashed all over the Internet and two days later he is suddenly going to sign a new contract.

Lloris, Pritchard and Levy Out fan, unbelievable!

A total non-story just as expected. The guy is away with France, h isn't doing any contract negotiations at the moment and he does them all himself. Journalists get paid good money to invent this stuff because papers know people don't think, they just lap it up.

Tottenham are reportedly open to offers for Alex Pritchard and he has been the subject of a £4-million bid from Swansea City. Apparently we are 'rocked' by the bid report the Transfer Tavern. Someone needs to get a grip on reality. There is, as usual, plenty of interest in our fringe players.

In other news some clown on Twitter is calling for Daniel Levy to go because we haven't made a signing yet. Clueless people like this do your head in.

Tottenham are being left behind by nearly every Club. This is getting too much to take. We need to get the Dictator out of our Club ASAP !

He obviously doesn't know we have Michy Batshuayi and Victor Wanyama lined up and wanting to join, that we are talking to Vazquez with just final prices left to agree.

He must be unaware we have players away at the Euros, that we have players away at the Copa America, tthat the transfer window isn't actually open yet, that no new signing can train with his teammates until July at the earliest.

The difference between fans and supporters, one supports the club, one doesn't. Some want the club to go forward, some want to go back to square one and start again.


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