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Monday, 27 June 2016

Lamina and Pereyra clap trap, Son, Vazquez


According to a West Ham website Tottenham are 'shocked' that Leicester City have bid for a player in a position where we have already made our summer purchase. Sensationalist clap trap.

Mario lamina is the player in question, a defensive midfielder from Juventus, presumably the author has forgotten we have bought Victor Wanyama to rotate with Eric Dier. The same website believes a player we aren't actually trying to sign at the moment but merely have as a player to watch, Roberto Pereyra, has turned us down for them, you have to laugh.

Son Heung-min has been selected for the South Korea Olympic Squad for which Mauricio Pochettino gave permission. It means he'll miss the start of the new season but there is plenty of cover in the wide attacking role he plays, although we are searching for someone to replace the departed Andros Townsend still. No rush, the right person at the right time at the right price needs to be found first.

We have had reports suggesting WBA have tried to sign Franco Vazquez, obviously without much chance of doing so given he wants to advance his career and play Champions League football, now there are reports suggesting Watford are trying the same thing.

Some fans do like to panic so for them let me remind you it really doesn't matter who bids if a player has set his sights on a certain standard of football. He wants Champions League, if he can't get that he'll want Europa League and only then would he consider a side who can't offer either. There are Italian clubs in for him and it is far more likely that he would remain there if he chose not to come to Spurs or we couldn't agree a fee.


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