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Friday, 3 June 2016

Kane and Carroll coaching required

Well in the picture above Harry Kane's head position is a bit of a problem. He is having to lean over too far and his head isn't going to be in harmony with bat and ball. Raising the bat off the floor and standing taller will improve his vision. Your eyes need to be as level as possible, you'll see his are angled. Improving vision speeds up amalysing the trajectory and speed of the ball, it allows more time fr decision making and he will have more time to play his shots making him a better player instantly as a result.

He looks better in the video with his stance but the bowling was a bit easy. Get your head nearer the line of the ball Harry. Appaling bowling from Stuart Broad though, an England opening bowler.

I don't think Tom Carroll has played too many times, the bat looked very awkward for him. His top hand is all wrong on the bat, twisted far too round the handle restricting his stroke play and his power. A coaching session needed Tom. he plays nice and straight so there is something to work with and his eye line isn't bad.

It's good to see an England supporting club suppoorting England in other sports, unlike other London clubs.

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