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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Is AC Milan sale complicating Vazquez deal?


Well, I have to say at the beginning I thought him a highly unlikely signing given his age. Clearly I have to admit I got that one wrong, but you can't be right all the time, still I'm well in credit. Clearly we have been trying to sign Franco Vazquez, who you all know by now is 27 (28 next February).

Looking at our transfer activity, we seem to be looking for an experienced number 10 figure, perhaps a fox around the box.

Back home in Argentina, he is from Cordoba, Vazquez was asked about his future and specifically asked about Tottenham and Chelsea.

"If I know something about Tottenham and Chelsea? Well, I know how things are developing, however, some market events is taking care of my agent and the truth is that at present I have not signed anything."

As we all know Palermo are asking for a big fee for him and naturally we are trying to negotiate that down. With the European Championships on our squad isn't going to be training together for a while so there isn't any immediate rush, except to pacify a few fans. He was asked if he would be definitely leaving Palermo and yet again he confirmed he would not be playing for them next season.

"Yes, 100% will not be a player of Palermo next year. Continue my career in Italy or in the Premier League? I would like to both the first and the second option. No problem in this way, we'll see."

There are Italian sides interested in signing him as I'm sure you know by now, Roma and AC Milan. West Ham United have enquired and WBA have made an official offer but he is highly unlikely to want to move there. At 27 he will be looking European football with perhaps seven seasons left in his career. Juventus have been mentioned as have Barcelona, Wolfsburg, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and our perennial followers, Liverpool. You can take your pick out of that lot as to which are genuine and which are journalistic invention.

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi is continuing to discuss a takeover with a Chinese consortium but clauses are delaying the sale going through. There is a deadline today by which time a preliminary agreement needs to be signed according to reports by Gianluca Di Marzio. When that sale goes through it is reported by James Benson of the daily Express that he will be offered a contract.

Is he waiting for that takeover, is he waiting for Chelsea or Spurs to agree a fee with Palermo? We know Spurs are talking, the Palermo president told us.

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