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Friday, 10 June 2016

If Hector says it's done then it must be

A lovely example of how Twitter works, you make an early guess and then wait to see if you are right, If you are you claim brilliance and shout how wonderful you are from the rooftops with examples of your Tweet.

. Janssen. Done 👍. Wait till other outlets get this info in the next 3 days.

Hector has 263 followers, The name always reminds me of a 1965 teatime hand puppet program, Hector's House, apparently a French program with English voice over. There endeth the TV history reminiscence.

Twitter is full of people posting things just to get a reaction, some will believe everything they read and some need an ego boost. Most of my Twitter stuff id auto-posts of articles, far too time consuming to chin wag on there..

Personally I think Janssen is an easy one to call as I think he'll sign quite quickly. I can understand why Hector has had his guess. The Janssen sale will be great for AZ Alkmaar as it will place them on a sound financial footing, an essential requirement in modern football with the Financial Fair Play regulations hanging over everyone. Teams have been omitted form Europe because their finances were not in order.


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