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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Hodgson hasn't a clue

Roy Hodgson demonstrated once again he hasn't a clue and we go into another tournament trying to accommodate a slow thinking Wayne Rooney, the very player who stops us playing.

Hodgson hasn't a clue

Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane were wasted playing wide to accomodate Rooney centrally so the cuntries two top goalscorers were never in a position to score. Utter stupidity, but that's Roy for you.

Dele Alli stuck out wide to accomodate Rooney and he and Varddy stopping Rose from overlapping.

Rooney, if we have to play him, should be stuck out on the lft, we look better with him there and Alli can play in his bst position. Kane should have been central and Rose should be encouraged to overlap.

Milner was not needed against 10 men and should have been taken off to be replaced by Wilshere or Lallana, who I thought should have started. The England players are not the ones who hav qustions to answer, Roy Hodgson does. He needs to tell us why he is pandering to Rooney at the expense of England's other 10 players.



  1. Totally agree, Rooney is/was a world class player in the old England format. For us to be successful, we need to be brave and do as you suggest. Will woy do it? Nah, he'll play safe and miss the boat again.

  2. Absolutely right! Plus our defensive shape was tragic with Rooney playing where he was, the point of the diamond should drop in when we defend and the right/left midfielders should go wide so we have two banks of four and then Kane could drop in and mark their deepest midfielder and vardy with his pace should stay on the shoulder of the last man. But instead we leave Rooney up top and Harry and vardy drop back virtually to their own penalty area. Woy is a joke



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