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Monday, 6 June 2016

Hauled off in the first half Oduwa now gets 5 minutes

After two substitute appearances and being humiliatingly hauled off before half-time on his starting debut for Nigeria U-23's, 20-year-old winger Nathan Oduwa was given 5 minutes at the end of the game against Honduras, a 3-1 win.

This ought to show the Spurs fans who go over the top about a player that there are gaps in standards and just because a player looks good at one level doesn't mean they can do it at another. The forum dwellers have been suggesting he could be a part of the squad next season, along with Alex Pritchard, a group of others and Tom Carroll.

This was all before we have clinched UEFA Champions League football, which either shows a complete lack of belief in the side or a complete failure to appreciate different standards of competition.

The Scottish Championship (2nd division) and League ONe (3rd division) are not the Premier League even if the exceptional Dele Alli and the much older Ryan Mason have shown what can be done. That does not mean every player can do the same, most can't instantly make the gap.

Playing development level football, where players don't tackle is a far cry from first team football at any level. A player has to go on loan to grow up and they all mature at different rats. If a player is mentally immature his development will take longer. Having to go to a strange city, find a place to stay, fend for themselves without their Mum looking after them, meeting new people, training a different way, listening and applying what other coaches want, quite apart from performing in front of fane who expect you to be good, is a big ask.

It is a big learning curve and one all players have to go on. The world is littered with sportsman who behave as if they are bigger than they are, many never actually make it and others have to learn success will only come if you put the effort in on the training ground.

He may well make it, but I suspect not before he appreciates he has to knuckle down, he ain't Pele yet.


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