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Monday, 20 June 2016

Fingers crossed

Tottenham Hotspur fans with eleven players at the European Championships and more engaged at the Copa America have our fingers crossed that no injuries occur to keep players out of pre-season training or worse still the opening fixtures. It is always a worry with international breaks , but major tournaments make the matter even worse.

Erik Lamela is in the form of his life, he says, for Argentina and they have made the semi-finals against the ESA, for whom DeAndre Yedlin has not had an inspiring tournament, he was sent off in an earlier game. Playing for Argentina means Lamela goes deep into tournaments thus plays more games with a greater chance of injury.

Harry Kane looks tired and that is when injuries can most occur, with fatigue the body gives way to give itself a rest, hopefully, he will be rested and Jamie Vardy will take his place in attack. This could also be a game to give Walker a rest, especially with the amount of running he does. He has been the best England player in both games and a constant threat.

Eric Dier is another who has played virtually every game and the arrival of Vicor Wanyama, who has his medical today, will take a load off of him. Virtually assured of a passage through England rotation would be good for Spurs.

Mousa Dembele came off with a minor ankle injury and will perhaps get a rest too. He, unfortunately, misses the opening games of the season after receiving a ban for the same offence the FA let Chelsea's Fernando Torres off scot-free.

Jan Vertonghen survived a rough afternoon against Ireland who defended and used some rough house tactics. Before the game our centre-back came out with the usual PR before the game talking up the opposition and the opposition players. Incredibly, some people fall for this PR and actually believe it. I have news for them, Shane Long isn't one of the best or anywhere near it. It is just polite PR, nothing more, it's not real.

There is a long way to go before we can relax and know that all our players have come through unscathed when they would normally be on their holidays.


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