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Monday, 6 June 2016

England supporters and lip service fans

Tottenham in 2015/16 had 14 foreign players, Arsenal had 24, the third highest in the Premier League, only bettered by Chelsea and Watford. These clubs should be supporting the English game and bringing through English youngsters, but foreign owners have no interest in helping England.

The very same people who suggest a club shouldn't have any interest in the national side are the very same people who complain about the national side, which is shall we say inconsistent.

If you support your country you support your country, not only when it suits you and not when it doesn't. I'm English and proud of it. I support England and it should be the right of every player to represent his county at whatever level that country wants to select him or her.

Clubs should not be able to prevent players from playing in the Olympics as Chelsea have denied Willian. In South America this is an important tournament. Spurs should not deny Son Heung-min the chance to compete, he should be allowed to go.

Clubs try to stop players going to the African Cup of Nations, but they know the players will be going to the tournament when they sign them, if they don't like it don't sign them in the first place, it's quite simple.

Put the rule in place and you will encourage clubs to look to their own instead of looking abroad. UEFA want more nationals playing in their own leagues and have tried to bring in laws to make that happen, thta is what the home-grown rule is all about. It doesn't work because clubs, including ourselves, search for players at 17 and 18 to get the three years qualification in.

Fortunately we scour this country to and look to produce English players, part of the club philosophy and strategy as Daniel Levy has told us before. It is one of the values Tottenham Hotspur should hold on to in a world where values are becoming a thing of the past for many and are being lowered all the time.

I support our foreign purchases, but I support them because I know we are committed to developing English talent as well and not just paying lip service to it by simply having them as non=playing squad members. Both Manchester City and Chelsea are guilty of that so it would be totally wrong for their supporters to complain about England, when they are the problem.



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