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Monday, 13 June 2016

England fans are not innocent


England fans are not innocent
Is this how responsible adults behave?

I wrote a piece about the lowering of standards in society and how that has contributed to England being threatened with disqualification for the 2016 European Championships, which i believe is a very real possibility, given the message it sends to all parties.

You can read that article at the link below:
Controversial Comment: Sensible People Rarely See Trouble

Al annoymous coment from Anon tris to isolate the issue to the stadium but that is wrong, it isn't an isolated issue, violence has been going on for three days.

Is this the same reason why Spurs fans were attacked in Italy or other cities when playing in the Europa League. I have no doubt that some of what you say is true but you cannot always put the blame on our lot. There are others out there who are just as much to blame for this and look for England supporters because there are many that will not be quiet or in cases run away. You have obviously not seen the problems caused by Dutch, Spanish, Italian and now Russian supporters or have turned a blind eye to it. England will suffer because of what has happened in the past but from the reports I have seen it was the Russian supporters deliberately looking for the England fans and their sanction will be far less draconian.

English fans have mob mentality when they go anywhere and yes a lowering of standards in society and a lack of awareness of how to behave as decent human being does contribute to violence at club level. Far too many people think it is manly to fight, it isn't, it simply shows an individual lacks the intelligence to communicate and hold a discussion or even an argument.

When the Irish go to tournaments there is never any trouble, they are not chanting anti songs, they create a happy vibe. England fans could do the same if they chose but they don't they choose confrontation through their own behavour and then claim innocence when something happens. They are not innocent.

Go to any ground, especially Stoke City and you'll see hatred, you'll see young children brought up to hate and behave as a trainee thug would. That is a lack of parental guidance. The England mobs today are as a result of a lack of parental guidance, they haven't been taught how to behave in public.

It all goes back to that group of parents in the pub come restaurant thinking it is acceptable to allow their children to run around shouting and screaming and to shout across a table. It isn't. They should be being taught how to behave, how to respect their environment and how to respect other people. They are values on the decline and that contributes to creating the England fan of today who courts trouble.

Yes of course there are innocent people caught up in it, decent people who do know how to behave, decent people who have just gone to watch a football match. Some people brush off an insult, some people choose to fight.

Everybody is responsible for their own actions and everybody has a choice how they react. People can choose to act like decent human beings or they can choose to act like antagonistic neanderthal hooligans.

The picture above is not one of responsible adults innocently caught up in trouble, it is the picture of people who cause it. As a parent, especially a young parent, you need to take a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself how you want your children to grow up. It is your responsibility to teach them, not your child minders, not the school teachers, yours.

Too many parents don't instil decency and standards into their children and then suddenly find it is too late to do anything about it long before they are even ten. It is only the parents who can change the next generation, today's children are tomorrows mindless hooligans, unless the parents do something about it.

Throwing England out of the tournament will, I have no doubt, see these hooligans go on the rampage and destroy the area they are in, on the other hand it may teach a few of them that there are certain standards in society and that perhaps they should learn, observe and teach them.


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