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Thursday, 16 June 2016

England embarrased again


Yet again those who haven't been taught how to behave in public are involved in trouble again, a pure coincidence of course!

The poor little innocents wrre seen and recorded earlier in the day on Wednesday as a mob chanting and singing offensive songs, the very behaviour that shouts we want a fight, come on if you are hard enough. It isn't innocent singing or simply boisterousness as those that support this behaviour claim.

These is a Tottenham group on Twitter actively supporting this behaviour and plenty of Twitter, even posting videos to show the wonderful behaviour of our hoards embarrassing the country again and the majority of decent folk supporting England.

Qhy do the Irish never find trouble but the English do?

Unless you stop the root cause of a problem you will not stop effect of it. Singing antagonistic, aggressive, confrontational songs en masse in the streets or in a territory claimed for England in a town centre, then you won't stop the violence and any injuries are the fault of those fans, not just the attackers.

I repeat, why do the Irish have no trouble when they sing? Why are they accepted wherever they go? Why are all the falls of other countries in Europe not fighting?

It is about time people started to look in the mirror if they want trouble to stop. Simply blaming an attacker doesn't solve the issue. Quite frankly both sides should immediately be thrown out of the tournament and banned from international competition for five years. Pethaps then some England fans might learn how decent human beings behave.

Perhaps our fans need training videos with Irish fans teaching the English how to sing in a group without causing violence, with deliberately trying to offend people.

There was a mate of mine where I used to live and if his child tried to interrupt his Dad when he was speaking he would firmly be told to wait until h had finished, if his child was making too much noise, he would again firmly have a word. I used to swing him round at arms length going up and down playing helicopters with him. He would want it every time I saw him, his Dad would firmly inform him not to bug me. Even though I was happy to he was being taught how to behave. That child and his subsequent two are a credit to he and his wife. They are 20-odd years younger than me.

I take you back to the restaurant where I now live and the group of parents simply allowing their children to run around, shout and scream, use the place as a playground while they ignored them. A group of parents who let their children shout across the table with only the occasional shush. Then there is the aggressive bristling parent when you complain you can't even hear the people you are out dining with.

One set of children will not grow up to be the next England yobs, one set will, which do think it will be!

There is a stadium you can sing in and make all the noise you want, outside that stadium there are standards of decency and behaviour you should uphold, a section of England fans lack these basic elements of common decency.

Far too many people want to brush the cause of the violence under the table and pretend it is all Russian doing, videos showing our fans in the street courting trouble prove that. Those that have poor values support them, decent folk don't.

Start raising our children to respect others and respect their surroundings and we can start to eradicate the violence that accidentally follows our innocents around, funny it doesn't follow others around in quite the same way.

I'm English, I'm proud to be English, but I'm not proud of our idiotic mindless yobs who don't seem to have a clue how decent human being behave.

The Barmy Army follow England's cricket team everywhere, they drink, they sing, do they get involved in fights? No.
The Rugby World Cup, was it full of fan violence? No.
The Olympics marred by street fights was it? No

You can bury your head in the sand and pretend it is everyone else's fault or you can accept our fans cause violence and admit it. Ignore it and you are part of the problem.

Change the songs, change the way they are sung, sing to make friends not enemies, it isn't rocket science, it is for England's yob culture fans though. Put our own house in order before we start point fingers like children, saying, it was them, it was them, we did nothing. Pathetic.


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