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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Embolo looks set to join Shalke


Breel Embolo looks set to join Bundesliga side Schalke 04 who are in the Europa League next season. The prime concern for Embolo as he takes the next step of his career was to be assured of a starting place. He didn't want to join a side where he would be sitting on the bench, as may have happened at Manchester United.

Tottenham can not guarantee him that either so he has been seeking a club where he would be the main striker, then he can develop before moving onto a bigger club. Schalke are reported by top German paper Bild, to be paying £15.36-million (EUR20m - AUS$30.09m - US$22.57m) in three equal instalments.

Embolo will get a five-year contract if the transfer goes through, sides from England have not yet given up hope they suggest. he had a verbal agreement with newly promoted German side RB Leipzig but delayed signing for them and they dropped interest when they signed Tottenham scouted highly-rated German striker Timo Werner instead.


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