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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Done Deal: Did Wanyama improved at Saints?


Victor Wanyama is taking a break from his holiday and PR work in Nairobi, Kenya (his homeland) to complete his move to Tottenham Hotspur. He catches a plane on Sunday, has a medical and signs his contract on Monday before jetting back to Nairobi on Wednesday to finish his post-season break.

DONE DEAL - Fridays's Breaking News
DONE DEAL: Wanyama to Spurs
DONE DEAL: Wanyama medical and signs Monday

I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements he must have made from the time of him first signing for Southampton. For Celtic playing in the UEFA Champions League he was too slow in his decision making and was having the ball taken from him in his own half because he kept delaying making passes.

That is a skill that had to improve to survive in the Premier League. It may be of course that what he needed was more intelligent players around him giving him options with off the ball movement, perhaps he got that at Southampton.

You can usually tell if a player has substance by the amount of bleating that goes on if another club is interested in a player and Southampton fans have regularly been bleating about Wanyama wanting to move to a bigger club. Now he has his wish there will know doubt be more bleats about loyalty, which simply shouts I don't understand the modern game.

Ryan Mason is linked with several clubs, even though he is probably going nowhere, but you don't hear too many fans bleating about a possible departure. He isn't as important to Spurs as perhaps Wanyama is to Southampton. I shall now have to get right behind the player and hope that regular viewing, rather than match of the Day viewing, demonstrates he has made the improvements to his game that were needed.

Eric Dier played virtually every game last season so he can now be rested at times, plus we have cover for suspensions or if he has to deputize for Toby Alderweireld. Some defensive midfielders want to get forward, others see themselves as defenders primarily and Wanyams is firmly in the latter camp, he isn't a Mousa Dembele, happy to go forward. he is content to sit and provide the cover to allow others to do their thing. That dependability is important when you play a system that splits the central defenders wide.

Does this now mean Tom Carroll will now leave? Is he going to get another year? Does Pochettino see him as cover for a different position? Will Nabil Bentaleb return to favour and be the third defensive midfielder, albeit able to cove the Dembele role as well?

Plenty of questions left to answer, but a signing for those fans who panic and shout for signings, any signings, simply because other clubs are linked with players and they perceive we are not doing anything.


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