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Saturday, 18 June 2016

December Evaluation


November was a tough month with three London Derbies. In December we have the final Champions League fixture and six Premier League games so again rotation is going to be important especially with the Christmas period and perhaps resting players for the Manchester United game.

We start the month with Swansea City though who we should register three points against, then it is Manchester United away where this season we were the better side but lost. Jose Mourinho will have sorted a lot of issues out by the time this game comes around and we will do well to come away with a draw. I have a feeling United are going to win this one though by the odd goal.

We then have a run of four fixtures that I see us winning. We have to be despatching the likes of Hull City and Burnley if we have any pretensions next season. Southampton will have a new manager, will they have settled into his style, will they have changed the team much? Plenty of imponderables but I see us taking the three points there again and then to Watford, which was a tough place for many teams this season. They are solid in defence, will they be next season, we'll have to wait and see. This might be a tight affair with just the one goal giving us victory.

03/12/2016    15:00    Swansea City (h)
06/12/2016    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 6
07/12/2016    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Matchday 6
10/12/2016    15:00    Manchester United (a)
12/12/2016    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW Round of 16
14/12/2016    20:00    Hull City (h)
17/12/2016    15:00    Burnley (h)
26/12/2016    15:00    Southampton (a)
31/12/2016    15:00    Watford (a)

December Points Total: 15
Season Points Total: 43

That concludes the first part of the season and we'll look at the second half in due course.

Put your monthly points total in the comments section, always best to log-in for that, don't worry I don't use your email address to send you any junk or sales material, nor do I give it to a third party. The rare one gets invited to write a post, mind you that has only happened twice over three years I think. If any of you do just let me know and I'll get back to you.


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