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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

David Pleat for England manager


David Pleat for England manager

Roy Hodgsom resigned immediately to try to stop a press onslaught against him. He should never have been appointed in the first place, the job should have gone to Harry Redknapp, the nations choice.

The FA know best though and appointed Bungle instead. Who are the people appointing these managers? We had Graham Taylor, a route one specialist who nobody wanted, there was Steve McClaren, who nobody wanted and Roy Hodgson, again who nobody wanted.

The favourite for the job is an FA yes man who was a total flop as a manager. How Ian Wright and Peter Crouch can agree that perhaps he should be appointed because of his work with the Under-21 side is beyond me. Under-21 football is terrible, we don't face any opposition until a major tournament and we flop in them with players who don't try and players who clubs won't let play. You can't give another pathetic appointment.

Quite frankly there are few options, there was nobody on the list that you would want to appoint. Flop Southgate is the long favourite at 6/4. Tim Sherwood anyone! We shouldn't even be contemplating Southgate and if we do it demonstrates that the FA simply do not have the ability to be making these decisions, but then we know that already.

Next is Alan Pardew, a manager who has only ever had one decent season in the Premier League from memory, Eddie Howe, who has had only one season in the Premier League full stop, so the job is a little really for him yet. He could be a future England manager though and may be the man we have to turn to in a couple of years with no other candidates on the horizon.

Gary Neville has no track record to be able to appoint him so he isn't feasible, incredibly Alan Shearer is on the bookies list, that shows how desperate we are, again no experience to able to offer him the job. A xase can be made for Welshman Brendan Rogers, but without Suarez he didn't seem to know what to do.

Next on the bookies list is Harry Redknapp, a definite contender and one option, but before I come to the two other options that make sense, let me first dismiss the route one football of Sam Allardyce, a manager who is trying to buy Eden Dzeko to lump balls to.

So, apart from Harry Redknapp, who could we appoint?

We need someone with managerial experience, someone who has been there and done it, ideally English. We first of I would turn to Scotland and ask Sir Alex Ferguson to take the job, he wouldn't of course. Then ask Arsene Wenger, he wouldn't accept it either. So after trying and failing with those two you turn to two other candidates.

With those two dismissed, who is there left?

Glenn Hoddle was doing a decent job with England until the media got into him and got him the sack. He is one option, the other is completely left field and probably wouldn't even be considered by anyone else, but has the kind of experience we perhaps need right now, David Pleat.

We need a manager with tactical ability and experience. He fits the bill, probably better than any other candidate out there. There is a dearth of feasible candidates around at the moment and for the next two years he could hold the fort. Unless Glenn Hoddle were appointed I'd give either Harry Redknapp, but perhaps preferably David Pleat a two-year contract and not on the daft money we pay managers either.


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  1. I just stumbled upon this. It’s awful!

    When Hodgson resigned, Pleat had not managed a football team for 19 years (I won’t count his various spells as caretaker, as those few months here and there are scarcely worth mentioning). Seeing as he was not a success in any of his three final management jobs you might as well extend that to 29 years. He was less successful at Sheffield Wednesday than his predecessor Trevor Francis - maybe England should be looking to Tricky Trev as manager? He was not nearly so successful at Leicester as Brian Little - maybe that’s who England should be looking to?

    No, of course not. Trevor Francis will never be England manager, and neither will Brian Little. They were both decently successful managers for a time, but that time has long past - albeit more recently than David Pleat’s time. Maybe Pleat could have been a contender once, but his off-field antics screwed that up for him. And arguably his one great season at Spurs was only achieved in spite of him as he initially fell out with Hoddle so badly that Hod never really got over it and left at the end of the season.

    Pleat for England manager is a terrible idea.



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